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The Entrepreneur’s Source was founded by Terry Powell, our CEO. He recognized the fact that 70 percent of the population has a strong desire to be self-sufficient, but only a small number actually find a way to make it happen. Too many people give up on their dreams too soon, when education and guidance could show them the way to success.

Today, we have offices throughout the United States run by entrepreneurs. Our franchisees are committed to their Clients’ success.

“The Entrepreneur’s Source is ranked among the top consulting franchises in the country.” -Entrepreneur Magazine

Our Performance Enhancement Team and consultants have extensive experience in all aspects of franchise and business success. Unlike others, we’re totally objective. When we say, “Your success is our only business,” we mean it. We use a time-tested process to help generate success for our clients. That process includes:

  • Interviews and assessments that help us understand your goals, needs and expectations, so we can find options best suited for your success.
  • Education, to understand the nuts and bolts of franchises and other business options.
  • Guidance, answering the many questions people have about alternative career options.
  • Options that complement your unique situation. We take the time to understand who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you want to achieve. We eliminate options that aren’t right for you. And we only present options that are the best fit.
  • Success coaching, during and after your career transition.

Our Coaching and Consulting Services

We’re known as the nation’s premiere source for self-employment options, franchising information, education and training. What makes us strong is our corporate Performance Enhancement Team, dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and earning the trust of all our clients.

Could we have something for you? Remember, explore all possibilities!

International Support Center: 800-289-0086
Southbury, CT

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