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Jeff Levy
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Welcome and congratulations for taking the next step towards achieving your dreams. As a Coach, I enjoy being part of my clients' journey of self discovery. I help guide clients towards self sufficiency by exploring alternate career options in a safe environment. I also coach business owners, providing Rapid Impact Solutions to improve sales, efficiency and profits. I'm confident I can support you in a similar manner. Please take a few minutes to read about me and some of the experiences of my clients. Feel free to contact me at any time using my toll free number above. I look forward to working with you.

Bio Information

Jeff is a coach, speaker, author to individuals interested in exploring self employment with an emphasis in franchising. He is a Washington State "Self Employment Assistance Provider, (SEAP)" Please note open letter explanation of my program below.
His experience includes participation in new technology companies, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, raising investment capital and coach to hundreds of startup ventures. Jeff has coached over 190+ individuals who have become franchisees and has co-authored the book “Making the Jump – Into Small Business Ownership.”

Seattle Public Library featured Speaker
SBA Lending Conference, featured speaker on franchising
JPMorganChase Seminar Leader in Entrepreneurship and Franchising
Puget Sound Business Journal Business Development Speaker Publishing and Franchising
Roundtable Discussion Leader for NWEN Entrepreneur University
Speaker Workforce Conference, NCDA International Conference
Peoples Bank sponsored Speaker
Bank of America: Private banking group on entrepreneurship
SCORE Technical seminar on evaluating a franchise
Speaker: The Women’s Business Center/Community Capital Development Bank
University of Washington: Speaker, MBA class and Entrepreneur University
North West Entrepreneur Network/Bellevue Community College: panelist and speaker
Speaker at: Workforce; SCORE; Lee Hecht Harrison, Right Management and Rotary.

Adjunct Professor Seattle College
Former President TES Franchise Association
Fellow, Fordham Consortium on Business
Curriculum Development for SCCC: The Entrepreneurial Toolkit
Seattle University Albers School: Advisory Board Member and founding Chairman of Education
Advisory Board City University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Committees: Deans Five Year Strategic Planning Committee; Member Johnson Chair search committee for Academic leader; 15 Year Mentor Award Recognition Albers School at Seattle U.
Past President -The Executive Network of Seattle. Chair, transition small group
Bellevue Business Roundtable: Member

Co-Author: Making the Jump – Into Small Business Ownership
Co-President JAFI Publishing

2014 Possibilities, Options and Dreams Award
2013 Winner Founders Award
2012 Winner Terry O Powell Award for Overall Coaching Excellence
2010 Winner “Outstanding Contributions” to FSBI Brands.
2009 Franchisee of the Year at the Entrepreneur’s Source
2006 Co-Top Performer out of 285 coaches.

WA State Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) qualified provider

Open Letter to Those Seeking Self Employment

In January 2008, Washington State passed the Self Employment Assistance Program WAC 192-200-040 program as law.

What that means is that anyone who is eligible to collect unemployment can do so while exploring self employment. To determine eligibility, please visit http://seap.go2ui.com . It is a simple process to apply.

If you are considering self employment and are open to exploring franchises, my program is state approved under the SEAP. Here is a description of my program. In part two you will see the term and condition for a possible extension.

I first meet an individual for approximately one hour. In this first meeting we discuss their educational and work background, what are their motivations for seeking self employment, have they evolved their vision including goals and needs. This explores their thinking about financial and life style objectives. At least half of this meeting is a discussion and education on the different types of businesses and why franchising is a good option to explore

Before a second meeting, the individual completes a questionnaire that includes work history, likes and dislikes strengths and weaknesses. It allows them to identify industries of interest and has a simple net worth statement so they and I can discuss investment criteria. In preparation for the second meeting, they are required to complete a DISC communication profile and PIAV business values assessment. If you like, I can send you samples.

At the second meeting, I fully review the two assessments and seek to understand the answers on the questionnaire. As well, I am answering questions for the client and helping them to organize their thoughts and possible approaches to seeking self employment.

Before a third meeting, the client signs up for AIM training that I provide. An overview is attached and a video is available to view at www.takeaimfast.com/video . This is a program they take over 60 days. It is designed to help them develop a focus on their primary purpose; develop strategies to achieve their goals, key skills that an individual must do to improve their business skills and a time management module. AIM includes work sheets, written material and web seminars with subject matter experts. AIM was developed in collaboration with E-Myth Worldwide but is owned and distributed by The Entrepreneur’s Source. Students purchase my book www.Makingthejumpbook.com It is available on the open market from $4.99 to $17.95.

At the third meeting, I come prepared to discuss three to four actual business options with the client. My engagement with them usually lasts for two to 6 months and I coach them in how to explore these or other options we may deem as appropriate, based on what we are learning together. My work includes, educating them on business planning, financing, corporate structures, partnerships, etc. I do not charge for my time and I get compensated from the franchise companies if an award is granted. The individual only pays $300. to cover the administrative expenses related to the educational program. There is no charge for the individualized coaching sessions.

SEAP clients also attend two seminars that I provide through the Seattle King County Library, the SBA and in some case private providers and employers.

I limit my client intake to two categories of seekers; those that don’t know what they want to do and those that have an open mind to exploring franchises. I am happy to take calls from others who have a more specific self employment goal in mind and I will direct them to someone that can help.

If the client is successful in getting a franchise award, I consider the franchise training an extension of my SEAP program. Their curriculum is designed to support the success of the franchisee once they are in the system. This part of the training will most likely require several weeks of pre-training specific to the franchise and then a week to ten days at the franchise headquarters. As your AIM for Success Coach, I am helping to coordinate many of the activities relating to the setting up of the business.

*Participation with SEAP does not by itself extend benefits. Benefits are based on eligibility as determined by Washington State.

Jeff Levy, Business Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source® is based in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington, works with individuals considering franchising as a career. For more information, he can be reached at 425-746-1950. JeffLTheESource@comcast.net, or www.TheESource.com/JLevy Book information available at www.makingthejumpbook.com


I am delighted that all went so well and so easily with his search for an appropriate business. It is good to know that you are available to give trustworthy advice. I know that I can depend on your savvy, integrity and ethics to assist prospectors and serious buyers in an exceptionally positive way.
All the best.

Jerry Schlagenhauf
Senior Coach Lee Hecht Harrison

Hi Jeff – I’m off and running!! I do want to express my gratitude for your help. Your input and support was instrumental in my decision to go out on my own. I feel energized for the first time in many years and it is a great feeling. I’ll definitely keep in touch, both for your advice and for your dinner offer.

Bill Clem, CMIT Franchisee

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